It was a challenge to successfully get our website up and running but when in Rome do as the Romans. And being that how the internet is essentially taking over the world we felt that it was important to have a presence on the web, and so after many months of hard work accredited-tpi was born.

Yes we hear you, perhaps it is not the prettiest and most robust website YET but it is early days and with plans of world domination burning in the back of our minds we feel that sooner rather than later we will reach our goal of turning this somewhat meagre and slim site into one of the best of its kind online.

Perhaps we will all look back at this post in years to come and recall the small beginnings from where we came from. Of course we cannot do this journey on our own and would like to appeal for some help. We are considering opening up a forum where we will need administrators and members alike to help us grow our social presence.

If you are interested in helping out with any of these roles please don’t hesitate to contact us at admin@ where we are open to all constructive criticism and support.

People of all skill ranges are required, and if you feel like taking up a hobby that is both rewarding and financially viable then we have many positions soon to open up including content creation positions, image sourcing, and a number of other significant roles for the qualified applicant.

More news will be available once we have installed the required software on our and coming forum. We will announce the opening of this forum in due course but if you need to contact us before then we would be very grateful to hear from you.

As We Always Preach - Do Your Research First With Mackeeper!
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Silicone Babies Seem To Be Taking Over The World
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